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Based in the United Kingdom with a British team of designers, developers & SEO specialists, nu-dev.co.uk works closely with clients to develop custom websites, software solutions, brand imaging & much more, no project is too big or too small!

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nu-dev.co.uk started life several years ago under the NuWeb Solutions name (so we're not new at this!), where all design services combined with web hosting solutions and mobile app solutions had been offered under one name. In 2012 the decision was made to split NuWeb Solutions up into several brands each specialising in separate sectors, and so nu-dev.co.uk was born alongside nuapps.co.uk & nuhosting.co.uk.

We know what makes the difference between a good experience and an excellent experience is all down to how we handle the relationship with our clients/customers, we take great pride in always offering a first class customer service, we go beyond what many companies would consider normal customer service, because unlike many companies we appreciate clients/customers who choose us, we never take that for granted.

We truly love creativity, design, seo, social media, photography and just about everything connected to the internet, both in software and hardware form. Unlike many we are very much an up-front and forward thinking business, we know what you see as a standard today in a couple of years will be outdated, we always adapt to the changes, we always push forward (we used HTML5 long before it became a "standard") and with the projection pointing to an ever decreasing desktop computer market and an ever increasing mobile market for the next 4-5 years at least, we know we must adapt what we do to cater for this.

We Are Cutting Edge

Web sites have changed since the appearance of HTML5 and CSS3 and also after the latest jQuery releases. They now have interesting features which make them more dynamic and also easy to load and navigate because most of the graphics that were previously jpeg, gif or png files are now mostly done in code.

Most of the sites we develope are making use of these new technologies and that can be seen easily when navigating. It’s a pleasure to see wonderful sites which the developers have worked carefully and with a clear strategy.

We Are Futureproof

Fresh, innovative, creative, minimalist!

We are a creative, passionate and forward thinking web design, web development company that is dedicated to building excellent user experiences across all the websites we design and develope, we're always working with the latest standards (we used HTML5 before it was widely adopted).

Now you have no excuses, it's time to surprise your clients, your competitors, and why not, the world. Stay fresh, keep innovating, be minimalist and stay on top.

is what makes our work so good.
We Are Innovative

The future is already here, no seriously it is! Here at nu-dev.co.uk we're always looking at the way the industry is moving, we're very much a forward thinking company, it is in our DNA, it is what we stand for and thus it is what we strive to deliver with each website we create for our clients.

We Are Creative

We are a very creative company, obviously...we are a web design company! Our team of developers and designers take the raw project outlines and come up with some fantastic ideas that push creativity to the maximum, the results are pretty amazing.

We Are Human

It is probably no surprise, but we are humans! We take a lot of time to make sure we have everything just perfect, you could say we obsess in the perfection of our work, because we not only love what we do but we love delivering results that go past client expectations.