Website Management Services

Based in the United Kingdom with a British team of designers, developers & SEO specialists, works closely with clients to develop custom websites, software solutions, brand imaging & much more, no project is too big or too small!

£65Per Month
  • Up To 10 Pages
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Updates In 5 Working Days
  • What's Included? (See Below)
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Business +
£75Per Month
  • Up To 10 Pages
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Updates In 48 Hours
  • What's Included? (See Below)
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£165Per Month
  • Over 10 Pages
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Updates In 48 Hours
  • What's Included? (See Below)
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£199Per Month
  • Online Store - eCommerce Site
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Updates In 48 Hours
  • What's Included? (See Below) *
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What Our Clients Say...

"I'm very happy with the service from I found them efficient, easy to deal with, very reasonably priced and I'm always recommending other potential clients to them. I'm more than happy with my website and look forward to working with them again."

Richard Lennox - Musician -

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Updates We Can Do

Update Your Website Content

Send us the content you wish to have updated, we will then process these updates for you. Be clear where/how you wish to have the updates displayed. Remember everything you see listed here is a just a guideline, we can update anything for you.

Add Navigation Menus

At your request we can create new navigation menus for your website, we can also edit your current navigation menu to add new content items.

Add New Content Pages

As part of the update service we can use the content you provide and create new web pages for your website, these will be interlinked with your current pages.

Update Your Blog

You can send us content and images you will to update as a new blog post, we will take this and update your blog and post the new update for you.

Google Maps Integration

Would you like to display an active map via Google Maps on your website? Not a problem, we will setup and install this for you.

Contact Forms

Do you require advanced contact forms on your website? Not a problem, we can set up and install them for you, as many fields as you need.

Upload Documents

We can upload your PDF, Word and other documents that can then be linked in your content.

Integrate Video

We can integrate videos to your websites from sources like YouTube, Vimeo and many others. Videos will be displayed to work with the sites content (sized correctly).

Product Updates *

If you are a customer on our eCommerce package we will update your online shop with unlimited product updates, simply send us a spreadsheet of your products each month and we will work to update your products for you.

Enhancements We Can Do

Fonts & Colouring

We can change your font or colouring across your website as and when you require this.

Cross-browser & Device Compatibility

All our updates will be tested on all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. We will test on devices covering smartphones, desktops and tablets.

Graphic & Logo Updates

Recently rebranded? Send us your new logo and we will add this to your website and update any relevant branding to match.

SEO Updates

As time goes by, your SEO may become outdated, we will update this for you. Please be aware this is NOT a full SEO service, visit our SEO page for dedicated SEO services.

Social Media Icons

We can add social network icon links or widgets to your website. Please note this is NOT connected with our Social Media Management service, this is a separate service.

Update Your WordPress System

We can update your WordPress system and make sure it is running satisfactory. Remember it is always best to run the latest available software version.

Image Folders

We can create folders and upload images provided to us by you to create images galleries for your website.

Other Media

You can send us music, videos, images and we will integrate them into your website.

Backup Your Website

It is always important to back your content up, at your request we will back your website up for you and provide you a link to download the backup.

is what makes our work so good.
Why Website Management?

We find many website owners do not spend time maintaining the online portal they own, for many reasons including limited time available to do so or possibly down to lack of knowledge in the area, at the same time do not wish to employ a dedicated member of staff.

This is where our Website Management Service comes in, for a small monthly fee we can take care of all updates you may require doing, all updates conducted by a professional developer, we also review the site to make sure everything is working smoothly and no errors are seen (errors can harm your Google rank, and provides your visitors with a bad experience).

We Are Your IT Department

Do not think about us as a monthly service, think about us as your on-demand webmaster, website manager or your own IT department, we're here to update your website with the content you need updating when you need it updating.

We will do all updates for you making sure they are correct from a technical point of view, by this we mean making sure the content works on all major browsers and devices without errors, in some cases we suggest things that can improve your website.

Simple, No Contracts

We wanted to create a service that was easy and cost effective, we have carefully compiled our website management packages to cater for all budgets and needs, we cover everything your website needs for a simple fixed monthly fee and no contracts, you may cancel at anytime!

Yes it really is that simple!