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Based in the United Kingdom with a British team of designers, developers & SEO specialists, nu-dev.co.uk works closely with clients to develop custom websites, software solutions, brand imaging & much more, no project is too big or too small!

Website & Development

Web Design & Development

We offer a wide range of website design packages to fit all budgets and all requirements, where something a little more tailored is required we also offer a custom package, quoted per enquiry.

We have a talented British team of designers & developers who have a passion in the creative field, who obsess over every small detail, all in order to deliver top quality designs time and time again. VIEW PACKAGES NOW

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We all receive those emails that "guarantee page 1" in Google or "guarantee top 10", well SEO is not that easy and as per Google's own words ranking can't be guaranteed, by anyone, so don't waste money on unethical services that sell false hope.

Our SEO team provide ethical & honest SEO services, we can't guarantee ranking (as per Google's own words) and we can't guarantee time scales, we can only estimate time lines, we do however offer updates on a daily/weekly basis, so you can see the progress we're doing. VIEW PACKAGES NOW

Website Management Service

We find many website owners do not spend time maintaining the website, for many reasons including limited time available to do so or possibly down to lack of knowledge in the area, at the same time do not wish to employ a dedicated member of staff.

This is where we come in, for a small monthly fee we can take care of all updates you may require doing, all updates conducted by a professional developer, we also review the site to make sure everything is working smoothly and no errors are seen. VIEW PACKAGES NOW

Social Media Management

In todays internet connected world the major talk (pun intended) is in social media, social connectivity, from small business, musicians to large international brands that we all know and love, it does not matter where you look, everyone is connected socially.

Social media is a major part of the online experience today, handled correctly it can prove a very successful tool to you in connecting with your customers/audience, we offer services to assist you get the best out of social media without the large budgets. VIEW PACKAGES NOW

Design & Printing

Custom Logo & Branding Design

Branding is one of the most important parts of any business, it defines who you are, what you do and how people see you and your business, great branding can be easily recognised by consumers.

We have several pre-set packages ready to order, we also have the custom option available for you, this is ideal if you have something specific you are looking for and have a large budget, with large budgets we can research your business market, asses your business and create a branding idea based on our findings, this includes assessing all possible uses the branding may see. VIEW PACKAGES NOW

Custom Business Card Design & Printing

You need a business card that showcases that information in a beautiful design so you not only look professional but stand out from the crowd, a business card with premium glossy front and full colour back (optional).

We have a great team of British designers, creative not only by job but by nature, born to create, a passion to create and design beautiful designs based on your business. MORE INFO HERE

Custom Roll-Up Banner Design & Printing

Our full colour, custom design & printing banner service is in a class of it's own, offering both value for money and at the same time top quality end products. We use high quality materials and inks, perfect for long lasting outdoor usage.

Our end product truly shows stunning graphic quality. Already have artwork done? No problem, contact us so you can send us your artwork, we can use that! Typical time line for orders is 5-10 working days. VIEW PACKAGES NOW

Custom Poster Design & Printing

Our custom design & printing poster service is perfect for businesses and individuals, offering both value for money and at the same time top quality products. We use high quality materials and inks, perfect for long lasting usage.

Our end product truly shows stunning graphic quality. Already have artwork done? No problem, place your order and email us your artwork, we can use that! Typical timeline for orders is 5-10 working days. VIEW PACKAGES NOW

What Our Clients Say...

"I'm very happy with the service from nu-dev.co.uk. I found them efficient, easy to deal with, very reasonably priced and I'm always recommending other potential clients to them. I'm more than happy with my website and look forward to working with them again."

Richard Lennox - Musician - RichardLennoxMusic.com

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is what makes our work so good.
We Are Innovative

The future is already here, no seriously it is! Here at nu-dev.co.uk we're always looking at the way the industry is moving, we're very much a forward thinking company, it is in our DNA, it is what we stand for and thus it is what we strive to deliver with each website we create for our clients.

We Are Creative

We are a very creative company, obviously...we are a web design company! Our team of developers and designers take the raw project outlines and come up with some fantastic ideas that push creativity to the maximum, the results are pretty amazing.

We Are Human

It is probably no surprise, but we are humans! We take a lot of time to make sure we have everything just perfect, you could say we obsess in the perfection of our work, because we not only love what we do but we love delivering results that go past client expectations.